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Electronic Lock: Advantages and Vulnerabilities

The advanced entry systems available in today’s market offer great ease of use to one and all … but are these systems more secure?

The electronic versions of deadbolts and entry locks are nothing new. These commonly use push button or keypads to enter digits to open the door.

However, more and more electronic locks now are becoming accessible that can be unlocked using keyless entry fobs or via your computer or smartphone. While considerably more costly than standard mechanical locks, electronic locks are now becoming more reasonably priced on the market.

Then and Now

Idea behind any basic electronic lock tends to be quite simple: use push buttons or keypads to enter code instead of using a key.

Because mechanical key cylinders can be used still, the basic electronic lock offers no more safety than mechanical types. Additionally, anybody in the area could observe the codes being used, efficiently giving them “key.”

The present day’s advanced electronic locks work wirelessly, whether they have exposed keypad or not. These newer ones utilize communication technologies like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, etc.

Benefits to electronic residential locks

Ease of usage:  With newer models, option of using keyless entry fob devices to unlock your doors can be simpler than fumbling with keys when your hands are full of different groceries, for example.

Convenience: There can be no better security offered by utilizing electronic locks; at times there is less. However, there are many times when the convenience is imperative. If you’ve several people requiring access to single door, electronic locks with keypads or push-buttons code operation can be a better way out than issuing number of keys.

Kids: If you’ve children, it can be a great reason to use electronic locks with keypads or push button to enter entry codes. They can get into the habit of opening and securing the home without needing to worry about lost keys.

New Technology Means Many New Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities of mechanical lock systems are widely known and well-documented.

But physical contact is important to bypass any mechanical lock. The requirement for physical presence can be eliminated or reduced if locks are wirelessly operated, and that creates new vulnerability: hacking. The cyber criminals’ pleasure in overcoming the security barriers and it is anybody’s guess how long such technologies will withstand such challenges.

Common Security Measures

Not every vulnerability is tied to difficult cybercrime. A few are decidedly quite low-tech.

  • Low battery is bad thing:  Most of the people appear to detest lock maintenance. It’s quite rare to find somebody who lubricates mechanical locks regularly. Electronic locks need battery changes just as many other electric appliances. Fortunately, most of the electronic locks will tell when the battery is getting low. (However the battery problem is something you should consider when using electronic locks on vacation home, for instance, or other locations where it might not be inspected regularly.)
  • Keeping secret: Giving the codes to your electronic locks to somebody who requires access to your house is much easier than having added keys made. But anybody who knows your codes can just as simply pass it on. But codes are quite easy to change anytime.

Why Biometrics Devices Are The Best Locks For Your Doors?

If you are looking for best locks for home door security, you may wish to consider biometric locks. They allow you to provide some kind of biometric information so as to get access to your house.

Whether you opt for a fingerprint door lock or any option which uses some other type of biometrics, they have many advantages to offer if you are working to protect your home.

Before looking on the advantages of this kind of door locks and why the biometric devices are the best keyless locks, it’s essential to know what these devices actually are and how do they work.

Biometric door locks are installed at entries to your home instead of traditional locks. They let you to utilize biometrics to get access to your house, like fingerprint biometrics. In case of fingerprint lock, simply offer your fingerprints to be scanned just by biometric devices. If fingerprint is authenticated, only then the lock gets opened.

Consider these advantages as you decide the best locks for your requirements.

You Won’t Require Keys Anymore

One advantage that lots of homeowners appreciate about the biometric lock is that you no longer will needs keys for your house opening. It’s simple to mislay your key or even lock them inside the home accidentally.

This is not a problem with the biometric locks as they don’t need keys. All they need is some type of biometric data, like your fingerprint, retina or palm scan.

Doors Lock Automatically

Another advantage that makes biometrics locks the best is the advantage of doors that lock automatically.

When door is closed, then it automatically locks and will need biometric data in order to unlock the door. This is especially advantageous for families having kids who forget to lock their door.

Can Be Programmed Easily for Multiple Users

Rather than making many keys for your house, it’s simple to program biometric home security locks for many users. Based on the particular lock, it can hold data for 10, 20 or 50 users too.

This means that now you can program the lock easily so that it can be utilized by your trusted friends and family members without any problems.

Ease of Use and Installation

Biometric door locks also are simple to install as well as use. They can easily be integrated into nearly any kind of door and they work very well with most of the doors. These devices also are extremely simple to use.

Biometric locks can be easily programmed and can be used for businesses and homes and can be operated both outside and inside of the home or office, as long as biometric data is programmed in the system.

Backup Lock with Battery Power

Every lock comes with a backup battery power and that is very important while looking for best locks. This battery backup power assists you to ensure that lock is working properly, even if you’ve to leave your house for a short time. Even if you have a power failure, you are not locked outside or inside your home.

Certainly, these are some of the main benefits that people can enjoy when choosing to buy the best locks.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Safe For Your House

Nobody wants to think of the chance of coming back home to find their most valuable processions missing. Unluckily, whether the reason is burglary, flood, or a fire, it can happen with anyone. Such occurrences are particularly frightening because there is not any warning in advance.

Luckily, there’s a way to guard your family. Purchasing a safe is an easy way to ensure that your precious possessions are protected. Now the question here is where to begin. There are lots of safes available on the market. But before you begin shopping, review the following questions. They will help you to focus on your requirements and make you feel assured that you will find the best fit.

Which Items Will Be Stored?

Before you can begin thinking of what type of safe you would like to purchase, you first should take stock of what processions are most imperative for you. Ask yourself: In case, you were to just lose everything at the very moment, what’d you be most distress to find missing.

And if you are unsure, then focus on irreplaceable things. Start with paperwork: Documents like passports and birth records are a great bet, as is the legal paperwork like will or deed to your properties. You also might store records related with your debts, investments, or insurance policies.

Which Kind Of Safe Will You Select?

Not all the home safes are equal. The things that you select to store will frequently dictate what kind of safe will actually work best. The most common safe options include:

  • Wall Safes
  • Floor Safes
  • Weapons Safes

There is no law saying limit to one safe only. If you’ve a range of processions requiring protection, consider purchasing more than one instead of trying to force all of them into one area. 

How Much Space Is Required?

While it may appear self-explanatory, take measurement before going shopping for a safe. Most of the home safes are very tricky and heavy to move, thus the very last thing that you wish for is to get one home just to find out that it does not fit where you actually want it to. Even worse, visualize if it fits in the space, however was not big enough for your valuables. Its exterior measurement is quite easy. You should account for the depth, width, and height. Also, don’t just be afraid to purchase a bit bigger safe than what you currently need.

What Kind Of Protection Is Needed?

Unluckily, all safes are not created equal. A few will offer a lot of shelter against fire but may fall down in face of invader or vice versa. So, before you buy a home safe, consider what kind of protection is required.

Remember that, fire is known to be the most common reason of assets loss, followed by theft, and water damage.

How Much Money Can You Spend?

Budget must be a consideration prior to any big purchase, but particularly when looking to buy a home safe. It is one condition where added costs can add fast, so ensure to set a cost point before moving to the store.

What you Should Know About The Keyless Locks?

The keyless door lock is a secure locking device that functions by means of electrical current. You just don’t need to worry on losing your keys as this kind of lock doesn’t require any.

Different Kinds of Keyless Locks

There are many different kinds of electronic locks. The most fundamental is magnetic lock, comprised of electro-magnet mounted onto the frame of door and magnetic armature that is mounted on door itself.

The stand alone lock has electronic control attached. This mechanism is operated usually by means of numerical keypads. When the right combination of numbers is pressed in the keypad, electronic signal gets transmitted and lock is released.

The electronic variations of mortise and cylinder locks are also available. The electronic cylinder and mortise locks can fit well in the same space on the door like regular locks; all what you will have to do is to drill holes for electrical wires and fit a power hinge.

Magnetic Lock

Magnetic lock is the most basic kind of electronic locks. It consists of an electro-magnet, mounted on frame of door and magnetic armature that is mounted in corresponding position on door. This kind of lock is easy to install and it can withstand attack. The key drawback of this kind of lock is it should be unlocked on exit and entrance which has resulted in restriction of its usage because of fire regulation.

Stand Alone Lock

This kind of lock has electronic control attached to the lock directly. Usually this kind of lock is run by means of numerical keypad. When correct combination of numbers is pressed in the keypad, electronic signal is then transmitted to release the lock. This kind of keyless lock generally locks automatically when door closes; however, can be operated using a switch from inside or by other keypad.

Electric Replacement

If you’ve cylinder or mortise lock in your door, you can then replace them with these electronic variations. Electronic cylinder and mortise locks can fit well in the same space on the door; all you’ll need to do here is drill hole for the electrical wire and to fit power transfer hinge. It is a special kind of hinge which can receive electronic signal to acquire poser from frame to door and it is fire retardant.

Authentication of Keyless Lock

Numerical Codes

The numerical codes are most popular type of authentication for the keyless locks. After the right code is pressed in the keypad, locking mechanism gets released. At times, such locks may use key phrase or password rather than digital code. This kind of keyless lock generally locks automatically when door closes but it can be operated using a switch from inside or by another keypad. They also may be operated using a remote control.

Swipe Cards

These swipe cards are run using a card reader that scans them for verification. They are made especially for the individual users.


The biometric authentication is increasingly becoming popular and is an extremely secure method as it is almost impossible to fool or attack. They use retinal or fingerprint scanning. Others might use voice identification.

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Locksmith Technician

It is the closing time finally. The last client of the day has gone out of the door, the floor has been swept and washed, you’ve counted everything there on your list and you are ready to lock. You can sense the great relief of walking outside the door…. And that moment you broke your key inside the lock. You quick need help from a locksmith.

Luckily, you do not need to actually think of the very last time you hired the services of a locksmith technician, or flip through yellow pages as it’s 2015 and nowadays when in need, simply Google it! The only issue with this situation is the mind freezing amount of search results which are returned after you look for a locksmith within your area. You just don’t have the time to look through the many pages of local locksmith results to find out the ideal one!

Just feel free to contact the first number which pops up on list – Google rankings count for something right? – However don’t hire them to perform the work until they can knock you out with their answers for the questions below.


Some states need locksmiths to carry license, but all the technicians must be insured.  A reputed technician will know in case your state needs licensing. And if they are not licensed, they’ll let you know if your specific state doesn’t need it.  In case they aren’t insured, it is time to keep on looking.


With the best intentions, some technicians are good at saying “certainly, we can do this” while in reality, they’ve never done that kind of work before.  So, after the work, you’ll end up bad quality work which needs to be fixed by another locksmith company.

While it is true that almost all locksmiths are competent of removing keys from door locks, if you need a door work done, or your safe locks are on fritz, you need a locksmith who specializes in that particular field.


While this does not necessarily show the quality of locksmiths, it’s important thing for you to know up-front.  Some locksmiths will charge piece-work rate.  It means, they charge set amount per job.  If you need locks rekeyed, you’ll pay per lock rather than by the hour.  While other technicians charge hourly rates, with standard one-hour as a minimum irrespective of how rapidly the job gets completed. This being said, a few techs are out there who will charge as 15-minutes or 30-minutes increments.


A reputed locksmith will have their work education along with innovations and changes in the industry by simply completing apt education courses. They’ll accumulate certifications related to their specialty areas as they finish these trainings.


You’re entrusting a locksmith with all you have.  Think of it for an instant – the locksmith you employ will have complete access to your facilities and all things inside it. It is imperative for security of your employees, facility, and other people that the person with access is trustworthy individual.