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Electronic Lock: Advantages and Vulnerabilities

The advanced entry systems available in today’s market offer great ease of use to one and all … but are these systems more secure?

The electronic versions of deadbolts and entry locks are nothing new. These commonly use push button or keypads to enter digits to open the door.

However, more and more electronic locks now are becoming accessible that can be unlocked using keyless entry fobs or via your computer or smartphone. While considerably more costly than standard mechanical locks, electronic locks are now becoming more reasonably priced on the market.

Then and Now

Idea behind any basic electronic lock tends to be quite simple: use push buttons or keypads to enter code instead of using a key.

Because mechanical key cylinders can be used still, the basic electronic lock offers no more safety than mechanical types. Additionally, anybody in the area could observe the codes being used, efficiently giving them “key.”

The present day’s advanced electronic locks work wirelessly, whether they have exposed keypad or not. These newer ones utilize communication technologies like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, etc.

Benefits to electronic residential locks

Ease of usage:  With newer models, option of using keyless entry fob devices to unlock your doors can be simpler than fumbling with keys when your hands are full of different groceries, for example.

Convenience: There can be no better security offered by utilizing electronic locks; at times there is less. However, there are many times when the convenience is imperative. If you’ve several people requiring access to single door, electronic locks with keypads or push-buttons code operation can be a better way out than issuing number of keys.

Kids: If you’ve children, it can be a great reason to use electronic locks with keypads or push button to enter entry codes. They can get into the habit of opening and securing the home without needing to worry about lost keys.

New Technology Means Many New Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities of mechanical lock systems are widely known and well-documented.

But physical contact is important to bypass any mechanical lock. The requirement for physical presence can be eliminated or reduced if locks are wirelessly operated, and that creates new vulnerability: hacking. The cyber criminals’ pleasure in overcoming the security barriers and it is anybody’s guess how long such technologies will withstand such challenges.

Common Security Measures

Not every vulnerability is tied to difficult cybercrime. A few are decidedly quite low-tech.

  • Low battery is bad thing:  Most of the people appear to detest lock maintenance. It’s quite rare to find somebody who lubricates mechanical locks regularly. Electronic locks need battery changes just as many other electric appliances. Fortunately, most of the electronic locks will tell when the battery is getting low. (However the battery problem is something you should consider when using electronic locks on vacation home, for instance, or other locations where it might not be inspected regularly.)
  • Keeping secret: Giving the codes to your electronic locks to somebody who requires access to your house is much easier than having added keys made. But anybody who knows your codes can just as simply pass it on. But codes are quite easy to change anytime.

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